Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Tired of those small $20-$25 affiliate commissions?   If you have been promoting those low commission affiliate programs are you making much money each month? 

Unless you generate a hundred sales or more per week, you won't make a full time living.  And in order to sell that many you would have to generate thousands of visitors per day.  

 So unless you have a lot of Google keyword rankings, or a huge email list, your odds of making a full time living are about as high as winning the lottery.

Programs like Amazon is the choice of many affiliate marketers.  They are the reputable brand and you can find products in any niche to promote. The problem is the commissions were low 4%-8%, but recently they lowered them even more (1%-3%).  So their previous low commissions are even lower. 

                    There has to be more profitable affiliate program out there right!

The best paying affiliate programs for 2020

First, let me point out there are two best options for making the most profits as an affiliate.

1.  You need to sell a high ticket affiliate program ($100 -$500 + per commission on a sale)
2. You need to sell an affiliate program that generates residual income that pays every month.

I had been selling products on clickbank, jvzoo, and Amazon for nearly two years and was making an occasional sale, but not much profits after paying for ads on Google, and Facebook.

#1 Best Paying Affiliate Program With Residual Income

12 Minute Affiliate System

 I found a high conversion and a high commission affiliate program that has been a proven winner for me and will make profits for you as well.  

Plus, it is easy to setup. Let me ask you a silly question…

Can you order a Pizza?

I know, it’s a dumb question because ordering a pizza is literally one of the easiest things in the world to do.
You just pick up the phone, tell them how many (and what kind) of pizzas you want, and then tell them where to send the pizzas.


What if I told you that there was a system on the internet that worked the same way.

But instead of ordering pizza…

You’re ordering traffic (website visitors)

You tell the system where you want your website visitors to go, and when the visitors hit your pre-made web-page, the system follows up and makes sales for you.

I know, sounds crazy right?

Well, it’s not…

I am 65 and not have technical skills, but this system is setup with everything in place to make residual income and has made profits for me.      Check it out below!

#2  Best Affiliate Program With Residual Income

Spocket is a company that is growing immensely.  They are a dropshipping supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of high-quality United States and European products.   You can choose niche products to sell from thousands of reputable dropshipping suppliers. 

The services they provide are:
    • Automated shipping and fulfillment. They usually ship within one business day.
    • Complete inventory management to run your business.
    • Different kits, assemblies, subscription boxes, and more.
    • Automated integration with most shopping carts.

They offer a fantastic affiliate program  where you can earn up to $450 for each customer you refer.  Plus, you'll continue to collect residual commission off your referral's Spocket account as long as they remain a customer.

Commission amount:  Up to $450     Cookie length: 90 days    Earn 20% recurring commission on all paid subscriptions forever!    

They also give provide you with a $100 off coupon to give to your referrals as a bonus incentive to get them to join the program.

Here is there 3-tiered commission program for affiliates.