I Spend A Lot Of Time Researching And Testing Products, Programs, And Tools.

I would like to share with you all the results on what works, what doesn't and my recommendations for the most productive and profitable ways to make money online.

If you have been promoting those low commission affiliate programs are you making much money each month?  Unless you generate a hundred sales or more per week, you won't make a full time living.  

And in order to sell that many you would have to generate thousands of visitors per day.  

So unless you have a lot of Google keyword rankings, or a huge email list, your odds of making a full time living are about as high as winning the lottery. 

Programs like Amazon is the choice of many affiliate marketers.  They are the reputable brand and you can find products in any niche to promote. The problem is the commissions were low 4%-8%, but recently they lowered them even more (1%-3%).  So their previous low commissions are even lower. 

There has to be more profitable affiliate program out there right!

The best paying affiliate programs for 2020

First, let me point out there are two best options for making the most profits as an affiliate.

1.  You need to sell a high ticket affiliate program ($100 -$500 + per commission on a sale)

2. You need to sell an affiliate program that generates residual income that pays every month.
I had been selling products on clickbank, jvzoo, and Amazon for nearly two years and was making an occasional sale, but not much profits after paying for ads on Google, and Facebook.

Now, I have switched over and promote these 2 best paying affiliate programs listed below:  

Best Paying Affiliate Programs


groove pages

GroovePages Affiliate System

 I found a high conversion and a high commission affiliate program that has been a proven winner for me and will make profits for you as well.   

What I really like about it that:

Every Business Needs GroovePages

I started out two years ago on the internet and have been paying monthly for hosting, clickfunnels, email autoresponders, and other software plugins.  

If you have an online business, then you probably already knew that too.   In that it is expensive paying every month for all these things.

I then found Groovepages which has the best suite of marketing tools I have ever seen.

Currently, GroovePages is FREE for life with the 3 site license.  It comes with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.  You can read more of my GroovePages Review.

So not only can you save money by running your entire business with Groovepages, but they offer a high converting and high paying affiliate program as well.

You can get a Free Lifetime Access for the Base Plan.  With this you get GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliates, and GroovePages.  Plus, if you want to host your domain(s), you get free hosting for life.   That alone can save you $$$ without having to pay for hosting.

groove prices

But with the Platinum Package you get all the listed items in the chart above for a one-time price of $1,397.  And that is for a lifetime!  Which means you never will have to pay monthly for hosting, funnel pages, emails, web site builders, etc. ever again!

And if you don't have $1,397 upfront, you can pay 4 monthly installments of $497 each.

And What really makes this even more attractive is that you can earn 40% commission if you refer someone and they  upgrade.  In addition, it is a 2 tier affiliate program so any of your signups go out and sell upgrades you make 10% commission of their sales.  

Here Is A Recap Of What You Get

👉 40% Affiliate Commission On Personal Sales
👉 10% Affiliate Commission On Referred Affiliates
👉 20% Bonus Commission On Passive Promotions
👉 Be A Founding Backer For GrooveFunnels
👉 Lifetime VIP Access To GrooveKon
👉 Lifetime GroovePages Pro (Funnel/Landing Page Builder)
👉 Lifetime GrooveSell (Sales Platform)
👉 Lifetime GrooveAffiliate (Manage Affiliates)
👉 Lifetime GrooveMail (Email Responder 25k Emails)
👉 Lifetime GrooveMember (Membership/Course CMS)
👉 Lifetime GrooveVideo (Video Player)
👉 Lifetime GrooveKart (Your eCommerce Platform)
👉 Lifetime GroovePages for Shopify (Pages for Shopify)
👉 Lifetime GrooveWebinars (Live Webinars)
👉 Lifetime GrooveWebinars (Automated Webinars)
👉 Lifetime GrooveBlog (Host Blogs)
👉 Lifetime GrooveDesk (Your Own Support Desk)
👉 Lifetime GrooveCalendar (Take Appointments)
👉 Lifetime GrooveSurvey (Give Surveys)
👉 Lifetime GrooveQuiz (Offer Quizes)
👉 Lifetime GrooveAPS (Open API for Developers)
👉 Lifetime GrooveMarketplace (Sell Templates & Addons)
👉 Lifetime GrooveAcademy (Groove Training)
👉 and Get All Future GrooveFunnels Products
👉 and access to GroovePay, GrooveAds, GrooveFest

I would recommend you lock in for the FREE Lifetime Access For GroovePages now, as as they will not continue to this free offer for much longer.   

groove pages

Plus, with the Free version you don't even need to put in a credit card.  That way you can go in and play around with creating your free web pages and funnel pages to see how easy it is to use.    

Then once you find out how you can run your entire business with this, it would be a great advantage to upgrade to Platinum.  That way you get more of the features described along with unlimited web sites, web pages, and funnel pages. 

2nd Best High Ticket Affiliate Program With Residual Income

If you like the idea of selling physical products as a drop shipper, then Spocket is the right program for you.

Spocket is a company that is growing immensely.  They are a dropshipping supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of high-quality United States and European products.   You can choose niche products to sell from thousands of reputable dropshipping suppliers. 

The services they provide are:
    • Automated shipping and fulfillment. They usually ship within one business day.
    • Complete inventory management to run your business.
    • Different kits, assemblies, subscription boxes, and more.
    • Automated integration with most shopping carts.

They offer a fantastic affiliate program  where you can earn up to $450 for each customer you refer.  Plus, you'll continue to collect residual commission off your referral's Spocket account as long as they remain a customer.
Commission amount:  Up to $450     Cookie length: 90 days    Earn 20% recurring commission on all paid subscriptions forever!    

They also give provide you with a $100 off coupon to give to your referrals as a bonus incentive to get them to join the program.

Here is there 3-tiered commission program for affiliates.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs 1


I'm  JJ Banning

I have been on the internet for two years and spent countless hours, bought courses, software programs, attended seminars all to educate myself on becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

I created an online store, and tried to sell Amazon products.  I found it difficult to get traffic to and sold just a few items, but never made any real profits.  

I had two problems I recently solved.  Finding the high paying affiliate programs and generating traffic without spending tons of money.  

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