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There are so many affiliate products and programs all claiming instant profits.  It is difficult to find the profitable affiliate niches, so my goal is to help focus in on the products that pay either a high commission or a residual income.   And most importantly, products that conver well for sales, easy to setup, and easy to promote without wasting money and time.

My Story

I started out like many people do, by researching on Google and Youtube to finding a good product to sell as an affiliate. 

I started promoting affiliate products where the commissions ranged from $20-$30.  I advertised on Google, Bing, and Facebook.   But the cost of promoting outweighed the profit I was making back on these small commissions.  Not only that but most of them did not convert well for sales.  

That’s when I met a person who mentored me stating how nearly impossible it is to make a full time income from small commissions, unless you have a way to generate a few hundred sales a week.  And without free organic traffic in Google or a huge email list, there wasn’t a profitable way to make money with these products.  

That’s when he told me the key was getting paid with high commission products and/or residual income products.  

So instead of $25 on 1 sale, why not get $400 or $500 on one sale.   Just 2 sales a week is a full time income for most people. 

The other option is finding a residual income program.  So when you get a sale for $25, you get that $25 each month from that one sale.  And over time if you had 100 customers you would be earning $2,500 per month. 

That made perfect sense to me.

I have found the great paying affiliate programs that you can earn a full time income. What I like is that they show you the exact landing pages and marketing methods that are easy to setup. 

If you would like me to help you get started, I will be happy to offer Free consultation and answer any questions you have.   Just subscribe below.

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