Tools For Affiliate Marketing

After buying a lot of  tools for affiliate marketing, I though I would share with you some of the best and most productive tools for your online business.

When I started out I used a free wordpress theme, free hosting, and free tools, but realized that wasn't giving me the quality that I needed.  

If you are serious about wanting to run a profitable online business, you need to invest in the right tools for affiliate marketing.  

Don't think of this as an expense, but an investment in your business towards making it a profitable venture for you.

Disclosure: Many of the products I list here are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase a product, at no additional cost to you (and sometimes I can even get you a discount), I will earn a small commission.

I only recommend products that I have used myself that meet the professional quality to help with your online business.  I I put my own reputation on the line as I certainly don't want to recommend anything that is subpar.

tools for affiliate marketing

SITEGROUND: I tried a free hosting service when I first started and realized that was not a good option.  Yes, it was free, but no support and a lot of times the site would be slow and a few times the site was down.

I quickly reviewed a lot of hosting services such as Godaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, and Siteground.

I got advice from another person who used Siteground who said they had great hosting service and great support.  I went with Siteground and found them to be one of the best web hosting solutions for my business. 

They offer a free SSL with your domain, which basically means you have https:  as well as just https:  which is necessary for taking secured orders online.   

In addition, you get to have multiple websites on one hosting plan.  There service is top notch as they have 24/7 for both email, chat, and live phone support.

You get the startup hosting plan for $6.99 per month.   The only drawback is that after your first year of hosting the cost goes up to $29.99 per month.   

tools for affiliate marketing

I created this website using Thrive Themes.   They have numerous templates you can use along with various drop and drag tools.  There is a bit of learning curve, but after a few days of practice you will get the hang of it and will save you a lot of time.   Cost

tools for affiliate marketing

 Thrive Architect is a Thrive Product that I recommend in addition to the Thrive Theme.   It offers many other features to build your web site.   This tool will save you tons of time and is drag and drop to make it easy to  build amazing looking web pages.

Email Tools For Affiliate Marketing

tools for affiliate marketing

AWEBER: When I first started two years ago, I signed up with MailChimp, which was a free email service.   It is a decent email service, but the navigation is confusing.  Plus, there is no support since it is free, and if you are not familiar with email programs, you might get stuck and not be able to figure it out.

I then went with GetResponse, which as an improvement over Mailchimp as they had online chat support.  However, I found that there templates were a bit slow to load.  In addition, I had 80 email sequences I wanted to load in, and found out I had to load one in at a time, save, it then load the next one. 

This wasn't going to work as it would take way too much time.  So then I went with Aweber, and found that they had an auto import so I could load all 80 email sequences in one click.

In addition, there support was even better then GetResponse as they have not only online chat, but phone support as well.  Being a non technical person, I got on the phone support and the rep walked me through some of the features I didn't quite understand.  

Now I find it as one of the most reliable, inexpensive, and easy to use email services for my business.   You can get a startup plan for $19 per month. 

74 / 100

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