Ways To Fail As An Affiliate

Top 8 ways you will fail to make money online as an affiliate

1. Promoting low payout $20-$40 affiliate products. Most might average 200 visitors in order to get 1 sale. And if you advertise on Google Ads or Bing and if you spend 50 cents per click you would cost you $100 for 200 visitors and you would lose money. If you spent .25 cents per click It would cost you $50 and still lose money.  Plus, there are thousands of other affiliates you are competing with. 

2. Thinking that just getting original content articles will get top rankings on google and Bing. It’s true search engines like original content, but just because you write up some nice keyword articles doesn’t mean you are going to beat out the competition and rank in the top page of google. There are big players out there with the money and resources and it is way to difficult to compete with them.

3. Being overwhelmed with information and not able to get focused. This is a big problem with beginners as there is so much information out there and easy to get confused on what might work. Jumping around from product to product in hoping something will make stick will not work. You need to find a good niche product and focus on a marketing plan if you want to make profits.

4. Buying those $17-$47 software plugins or programs that claim they will get you tons of traffic and sales. Do you really there is an easy 1 click method to make sales? The gurus who make these programs might show you some stats on how this was able to generate a bunch of traffic and sales. However, they used some form of paid advertising to get those stats and are not telling you what they spent, or worse they just made up these bogus stats.

5. Buying cheap traffic sources. Don’t ever buy traffic from those places for $20 and they will send 10,000 or 25,000 visitors to you site. Some of these are merely software bots to fake hits and not actual visitors. And some might be visitors but some form of paid compensation.

6. Trying to do everything yourself.  Most people are doing way too much work.   You are trying to do niche research, graphic creation, sales page creation, building wordpress sites, creating a funnel page, writing articles, make videos, getting back links, write a blog, set up all your email autoresponders sequences.  This can get you totally overwhelmed and get you paralyzed in not being able to do any work.

7. Trying to do everything for free. I know when I started other then buying a domain name and web hosting, I thought I would do everything myself or use free tools and products.  I soon realized that I needed a funnel page builder, email autoresponder, and source of leads in order to build my business.  And you need to spend money to do this right.

8. Not having a mentor to help you.  Yes, this is essential as to be able to have someone who actually walks the walk and can help you achieve your success.  But of course finding a mentor can be difficult as who can you trust to lead you in the right direction. There are plenty of so called “gurus” who will claim that you will be successful if you purchase their course. But again you have to be careful as there are over-hyped promises that get you little results except for the guru who lined his pocketbook with your money.

I did all the above and ending up making no money and still spinning my wheels.

If you were like me, you probably were researching every type of niche product, every marketing method, and the deeper you got into trying to find a way to make money, the more lost and paralyzed you became.

Forgot all the hyped up crap.   I found the best way to to make affiliate profits.

 I am going to make it simple for you.  No it isn’t an easy button to click on and spit out profits as you do have to put in some work.

And you do have to spend some money as setting up an internet business is not free.  However, you don't need thousands of dollars to invest either. 

I have a proven system that makes it  easy to build web sites and setup email autoresponders, and also how to market as an affiliate to get traffic and sales.

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